At Candour Wealth Advice, we believe the quality of being open, honest, and at times just plain old frank, is what’s needed in our industry.

These are the qualities needed to change the way people think about their finances and seeking support. The qualities required to realise a bold goal.

And so, at our heart sits a simple philosophy we choose to live by every day – ‘Candour by name, candour by nature’.

This is how we deliver advice. It’s how we build relationships and trust. It’s how we help you to set bold goals and achieve great things. And it’s how we help you to stay on track, and if things veer of course, get you back on track.

Candour is a way of thinking and a way of solving problems. And in being honest - us with you, and you with yourself - a way of reaching bold goals that may have once felt unattainable.

Another thing you should know about Candour is we’re small. And while that may be so, we’re big on knowledge.

This allows us to provide personalised service and comprehensive advice. So when you partner with Candour you’ll be working directly with Founder and Director, Eleni Michael. You’ll have her mobile number and she’ll have yours.

Forget the hold music or pressing ‘1’ for existing customers, ‘2’ for new enquiries and ‘3’ to speak with an operator. When you need to ask a question, seek clarity or are looking for assurance – at any point along the way - Eleni will be your reliable constant.

So who is Eleni
Eleni is a Certified Financial Planner with a wealth of experience. She holds a degree in business management, a graduate diploma of financial planning and is a self managed super fund and personal life insurance specialist. Eleni was also named in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 50 advisers for two years running.

One of her favourite quotes, comes from good old Albert... Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

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