Learning the lessons of 2020: An extraordinary year

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia in March 2020 it brought immediate and severe financial gloom. Shares plunged 37% and the economy slumped to its first recession in nearly 30 years. However against that backdrop, 2020 turned out far better for diversified investors than initially feared. The development of vaccines became the good news of … Read more

Economic Update and Market Commentary

Risk assets including equities and credit continued to power ahead in April. Locally, the share market and the Australian dollar were supported by rising commodity prices. Investors continued to monitor Covid cases and the pace of vaccine rollouts worldwide. Thankfully there remain very few infections in Australia, although rising numbers elsewhere has provided a reminder … Read more

Good news – Super contribution caps to rise

On 1 July 2021, both the concessional and non-concessional superannuation contribution limits, also known as ‘super contribution caps’, will rise. This is good news because this is the first time these limits have changed since 1 July 2017, when the concessional contributions cap was reduced to $25,000 pa for the 2017/2018 financial year and onwards. … Read more

Saving for your child’s future

As every parent knows (even before they become one), raising a child isn’t cheap. And those expenses don’t necessarily stop once they reach 18. Parents often hope to help their adult children with significant financial milestones in life too. In this article we look at some of the main expenses for parents, how you can … Read more

Transfer balance cap set to increase to $1.7 million

The amount of super savings that can be transferred into a retirement pension (whether you have one or more than one) will increase from $1.6 million to $1.7 million on 1 July this year, but not for everyone. Currently you can transfer a maximum of $1.6 million from your super savings into a retirement pension … Read more

Your investment options and strategy

Building your wealth for the long term starts with a sound investment strategy. But with so many options outside your superannuation fund – from bonds to managed funds – where might you begin? Almost every type of investment come with risk Investments can help grow your money. However, there’s not only a risk associated with … Read more

A family affair: Children, super contributions and SMSFs

The potential increase in members from four to six a in self-managed fund has led to many to consider about whether it is worthwhile to have children as members of the parents’ or ‘family’ SMSF. The options are: should the kids join the fund, have their own, or go elsewhere to an industry or retail … Read more

2021-22 Federal Budget: What it means for You

As the COVID economic landscape continues to take shape, Australian Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has handed down the 2021-22 Federal Budget. Among the proposed changes, he announced continuing tax relief for lower earners, help for older Australians to save for retirement and more assistance for first home buyers. Read on for a round-up of the … Read more