The escalation in Ukraine tensions – implications for investors

Key Points Ukraine tensions have escalated with Russia ordering troops into Ukraine regions already occupied by Russian separatists. Share markets are at high risk of more downside on fear of further escalation and uncertainty about sanctions/gas supply to Europe. The history of crisis events typically shows a short term hit to markets followed by a … Read more

What is equity and how can I use it to invest?

Whether you’re looking to invest in property, renovate or pay off something big, borrowing against the equity in your home may be helpful, if you’re across the risks. The equity in your property can be a valuable resource, as it may allow you to borrow money to achieve your goals, whether they be investment or … Read more

Should you use property to fund your retirement?

Superannuation, shares, property, cash, other investments; a dizzying number of options are available when it comes to living comfortably through retirement. Financial advisers often promote a diversified portfolio to reduce the risk of concentrating ‘all eggs in one basket’.  Still, Aussies love their property, with more than 2.2 million of us opting for investing in … Read more

How does your pension live on after you die?

Account-based pensions offer a flexible and tax-effective method of drawing a regular income stream from superannuation. They are an essential part of your overall retirement strategy and are usually used from retirement until death. But what happens to your tax-free account-based pension when you do die? Superannuation does not automatically form part of your Will … Read more

Economic Update

Introduction Investors continued to focus on rampant inflation and, in turn, potential changes in monetary policy settings. By the end of January, five interest rate increases in the US had been priced in to markets; a more aggressive tightening in policy settings than had been anticipated previously. These evolving expectations saw bond yields rise in … Read more

Do you value your assets more than yourself?

Value is a funny thing. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure, as the old saying goes. The value we place on something tends to be very individual, and is generally a product of many different factors ranging from cultural background and upbringing to personality type and even life stage. But as much as … Read more

Constructing a retirement portfolio in a low return world

Portfolio construction is a much-used term that can be misunderstood. Fundamentally, the term portfolio construction refers to the process of selecting investments to create the optimal balance of risk and return. By mixing different types of investments and different asset classes, portfolios can be built in a way that maximises the return for any given … Read more

5 money mistakes to avoid if you’re going guarantor

If you have a family member who wants to get into the market sooner than that, you may have discussed whether you’d be willing to speed up the process (if you’re in a position to) by going guarantor. This is where you use the equity in your own property as security for the loan they’re … Read more