Your biggest investing problem may be you

The human brain is an incredibly powerful processing unit. Every day we make numerous judgements and decisions – hundreds if not thousands if you conclude everything we do is an individual ‘decision’. As the human brain has evolved, in part due to the increasing complexity of our environment, it’s developed little short-cuts, or ‘heuristics’. These … Read more

Tips for Managing Money in Retirement

Aussies are living longer than ever before, with men expected to live until age 80 and women until age 85. However, an increased life expectancy also means Australians may spend longer in retirement than previous generations, and in turn, need more money to fund retirement during those extra years. When you’re retired and no longer … Read more

Investment fundamentals to consider in volatile times

Sharp share market falls are stressful for investors as no one likes to see their investments fall in value. But at times like these, there are number of key things for investors to bear in mind. Compounding Compound interest is magical! The value of $1 invested in 1900, allowing for the reinvestment of dividends and … Read more

Five Questions to ask before Plunging into an ETF

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have been available on the ASX for over 2 decades, but in recent years, this category’s variety and representation within Australian portfolios have grown rapidly. By offering exposure to different global markets, industry sectors and strategic themes, as well as non-equities asset classes like bonds and commodities, ETFs can provide relatively … Read more

Economic and market overview

Economic and market overview

Equity and bond markets bounced back hard from disappointing returns in June, amid suggestions that rising interest rates in key regions will help bring inflation under control. Australian shares registered gains of more than 5%. Most major overseas share markets performed even more strongly – the MSCI World Index closed the month 8.0% higher, with … Read more

Did you know gifting can impact your Age Pension?

Gifting, or financially assisting family or friends by giving away some of your assets or accumulated retirement savings, can be a great way to help out younger family members or friends. But before you gift a significant amount, it’s important to understand how this could impact your Age Pension or other social security benefits you … Read more

Australians are losing more money to investment scams

Australians are being urged to be extra diligent when it comes to investment opportunities that look too good to be true. According to Scamwatch, Australians lost over $205 million to scams between 1 January and 1 May this year – a 166 per cent increase compared to the same period last year. Investment scams on … Read more

Active versus Passive Investing – What’s the difference and what’s the best?

Active vs Passive Investing which is better

Investing in shares is a popular way of helping people to achieve their long-term financial goals. These investments can generate favourable returns over time as companies grow and improve their profitability. Dividends paid by listed companies can also generate a useful income stream. However, there are also risks associated with investments in shares. Companies (or … Read more