What are asset portfolios?

Building your wealth for the long term starts with a sound investment strategy; but with so many options outside your superannuation fund, from bonds to managed funds, where should you begin? Understand your risk profile and timeframe Almost every type of investment comes with some level of risk. There’s a risk you could lose money, … Read more

Buying an investment property

Is an investment property the right choice for you in retirement? What you need to know about buying an investment property Buying a rental property is a very popular investment in Australia. For many investors, the appeal of owning an investment property is linked to their familiarity with this asset class – most of us … Read more

Why investing for retirement is different

When you’re still employed and earning a salary, there’s money coming in you can rely on. In retirement, in the absence of a regular salary you’ll need to find a new way to secure enough income to cover your living costs. Investing your money is one way to make the most of your savings and … Read more

Ways to expand SMSF investment horizons

The mix of investments that is right for an SMSF will depend on very personal factors, including SMSF members’ age, lifestyle, attitude to risk and personal goals. And it’s not a case of set and forget – SMSF trustees’ approach to SMSF investing may need to change over time as retirement approaches and priorities change. … Read more

Investing in investment bonds

Investment bonds are long term investments that may offer tax efficiency to investors on a high marginal tax rate and those investing for children or grandchildren. Unlike traditional investment products, such as managed funds, bonds are a ‘tax paid’ investment. This means that tax on investment earnings is paid at the applicable company rate of … Read more

Five long term global trends and implications for markets

This article looks at some longer term structural trends in the economy and their impact on economic growth and investments. A decline in routine based jobs Fear of technology replacing jobs has been around for years, although concern around this risk appears to have waned in recent times, as impacts of the pandemic on labour … Read more

Economic update February 2023

Risk assets performed strongly in January, following further indications that inflation may have peaked in key regions. Global economic growth forecasts were lowered by both the World Bank and the IMF, but investors appeared to brush off these concerns. Instead attention was focused on the central bank meetings, to see whether interest rates would continue … Read more